ActCAD 2017 Pro & Std New Patch 8.2.786.0 Released


- Interactive Drawings Auditor to fix internal errors
- Dr.KLN Drawings Converter from PDF & PS files to various output formats like DXF, SVG, CGM, PCG, HPGL, PCL, PPTX, TEXT, WMF,EMF, PDF, PS etc.
- New Program to Change Numeric Text Values by performing Arithmetic Operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
- New Program to Extrack Block Attributes to external CSV file with one click. No template needed for Attributes.
- New Program to capture CAD points and Hole Coordinates to external CSV file in batch mode.

- New Program to prepare P&ID Label Specification Text with required input values and orientation.
- New Tiegha .dwg, .dxf & .dgn libraries with many enhancements


- Fixed few license related issues
- Spelling mistakes in Import Point Cloud Program
- Rewritten the code for BREAKLINE command with more options
- ActCAD freezes with Pdfunderlay and zoom extents
- Problem with hatch in debug mode
- Korean fonts incorrectly displayed
 - MOVE/COPY is not performed if toggle a status bar icon while a command is active
- UNDO of layer freeze does not reveals the layer properly
- Dimensions get lost after trim
- ActCAD Locks up in a particular drawing with zoom using mouse scroll
- ActCAD crashes after canceling entity selection from Drawing Settings dialog
- Warning about different anno scale and plot scale should be shown only for model space
- [Crash] Crash with several operations
- UNDO of layer freeze does not reveals the layer properly
- Node Snap - cannot snap to point nodes if PDMODE!=0
- TIME command issue
- DGN files cannot be imported / converted
- Added more traces to printing
- [Crash] trying to open a particular drawing
- [VPMAX/VPMIN] MVIEW scale and view location is corrupted by VPMAX/VPMIN
- [PRINT] Wipeout and raster image border is printed regardless of WIPEOUTFRAME / IMAGEFRAME value if PRINTEXTOUT is off
- Problems with viewing PDF underlay
- Text is missed in print result and print preview (depending on print area size)
- Grip editing is disabled for locked viewports
- Cannot snap to zero-length polyline
- Viewport content is scaled down in print result
- SSGET filter works wrong for some characters
- Icons with black background in toolbars

Release patches released for all variants of ActCAD 2017. If ActCAD 2017 is already installed in your computer, simply click on Help->Check For Updates.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.