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    ActCAD 2017 New Patch 8.2.1071 Released

    ActCAD announces the release the new maintenance release 8.2.1071 for below mentioned versions:

    This is a significant improvement release and below is a detailed list of enhancements:

    Added   :   New drawing creation dialog with many options to choose units, templates etc.
    Added   :   New dedicated UNITS dialog with complete functionality in addition to former DDUNITS dialog.
    Added   :   Several new Drawing templates in both Metric and Imperial units.
    Added    :    Many new hatch patterns and line types
    Revised :     External OpenDesign version changed to 4177
    Revised :    Binary files for ActCAD API
    Fixed   :    Ability to set a layer for print stamp, fixed print stamp color setup.
    Fixed   :    [Crash] Open a drawing from startup wizard in SDI mode.
    Fixed   :    [MTEXT][ENTPROP][Line Spacing] Vertical line spacing cannot be changed
    Fixed   :    [Crash] auto load on open document task
    Fixed   :    [RR] DIM1 HORIZONTAL does not ask for text
    Fixed   :    Fix MText option for linear dimeasion
    Fixed   :    Certain menu icons were wrong
    Fixed   :    MOVE command ignore some entities
    Fixed   :    MTEXT Imperial height modification
    Fixed   :    Autocomplete does not provide exact results
    Fixed   :     Styles toolbar for ActCAD
    Fixed   :    Crash on opening any DGN file
    Fixed   :    ActCAD enters a wrong state in which commands can\'t be executed
    Fixed   :    DCL programming dlg_set_tile() / dlg_get_tile() fails

    Existing ActCAD 2017 users can use CHECKFORUPDATES command to directly update to this version from any previous version. New users can download latest ActCAD 2017 software versions from our downloads depot.