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    ActCAD 2017 New Patch 8.2.997 Released

    ActCAD announces the release of new maintenance patch 8.2.997 for below versions based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.2a engine (direct download links included):

    Below are detailed Release Notes for this Maintenance Release:

    Fixed - [PLACEHOLDER] Menu icons get scrambled
    Fixed - Teigha 4.1 Version updated from 3991 to 3995
    Fixed - [New MTEXT] Text spacing is lost on edit
    Fixed - Snap order is unpredictable
    Fixed - An univocal name has to be assigned to the unnamed block
    Fixed - Print orientation is wrong for HP DesignJet 430
    Fixed - Impossible to work with this drawing
    Fixed - 3DOrbit glyph stays on-screen after pressing SHIFT+CTRL+S
    Fixed - FILLET command doesn\'t work on POLYLINE
    Fixed - M4226.scr was broken by fix for Bug 98514
    Fixed - Unable to move 2 grips coincident for polylines
    Fixed - Moving grips with Ortho active, the ortho prevail on esnap
    Fixed - Move entities with Grips is wrong along the Z axis and esnap
    Fixed - When grip move a 3d polyline vertex, don\'t set Z to zero
    Fixed - Chamfer and Trim error if coordinates are too far.
    Fixed - [Crash] Severe crash on start, it does not allow to start at all
    Fixed - [Crash] CTRL+C & CTRL+V, CRASH
    Fixed - Unknown freeze (selective regen)
    Fixed - Remove invalid cases from AllCmds scripts
    Fixed - When grip move a 3d polyline vertex, don\'t set Z to zero
    Fixed - [Crash] CTRL+C & CTRL+V, CRASH
    Fixed - Grips disappear if click an entity when a selection is active
    Fixed - Improve CUI re-write warning
    Fixed - MText grip editing needs rewrite as an overrule instead of a protocol extension