ActCAD is a professional-grade CAD software built on top of the latest IntelliCAD engine. It supports dwg and dxf files natively in addition to the opening of dgn files. It is a cost-effective 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling CAD software that is fully functional for any high-end project.

The interface of ActCAD is very similar to other CAD software. So, the users need not learn it separately. Commands and dialogs are almost identical so the navigation will be easy. There are many videos available on our website in addition to the quick start guide and complete help. Migrate from your existing CAD software to ActCAD in just one day.

Technical support is free and very simple, below are the possible methods of getting support:

You will get a reply to your queries normally within one working day. You need not pay any Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) or subscription charges to get free support.

Architectural Design Software

Select the required location, scale factor, and rotation angle to insert block.We regularly improve ActCAD software and its features to keep it up to date. You can use the Check For Updates command to get the latest maintenance patch updated automatically. Please note that free updates are available within the same version to say ActCAD 2023 Professional, ActCAD 2024 Professional, etc. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version you need to pay an upgrade fee. It is available at our online store.

Why ActCAD?

The software comes with a few unique advantages as mentioned below:

  1. Self License Transfer from one computer to another
  2. Global validity of Licenses and are Perpetual
  3. Support both Classic Menu Style and Modern Ribbon Style interfaces
  4. Open PDF directly and edit natively like a CAD file
  5. Image to Vector (DXF) converter
  6. Artisan Professional 3D Rendering
  7. Many add on features, commands, and settings supplementing core IntelliCAD engine
  8. Block Library with over 5000 symbols included
  9. High-resolution PDF printer
  10. Export 3D PDF file from 3D Models etc.

Below mentioned are the commercial advantages of ActCAD IntelliCAD Software:

  1. A stable product development company- Core company of ActCAD development was established in the year 2006.
  2. World wide presence; we have clients and partners in more than 50 countries
  3. A very active member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium in the following areas of:

Our Credentials:

Finances Online, a popular software directory ranked ActCAD with a high 8.0 rating.


According to SaaS review experts from Finances Online, “with ActCAD, Designers have access to innovative and highly Professional drawing projects.”

They were impressed with ActCAD 2D 3D CAD development platform. And also they ranked ActCAD Professional as one of the top products in their architecture software report.

Finances Online praised ActCAD “unparalleled visual modeling and simulation” that allows for professional designs, early stakeholder feedback, and customer buy-in.

They also lauded the software for accelerated product delivery with the platform’s automatically generated specs and simulations. This enables manufacturers to simply communicate their vision which the platform then turns into a reality.

According to Finances Online’s team of B2B experts, ActCAD is 100% Legal Genuine, Cost-Effective

ActCAD Professional Pricing.

The Technical Support, PDF Image to DXF Converter, User-Friendly Right Off The Bat, and much more are some other benefits.

The algorithm gathers all comments, feedback, opinions, and user reviews about ActCAD. This algorithm generated an extremely positive 95 percent user satisfaction rating.

The site also ranked ActCAD in their Popular ActCAD Professional Alternatives. They proved that the ActCAD is a platform which helps designers to give professional projects quickly and cost-effectively

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