An attribute is a label or tag that attaches data to a block. Attribute information extracted from a drawing can be used in a spreadsheet or database to produce a parts list or a bill of materials. You can associate more than one attribute with a block, provided that each attribute has a different tag.

All new commands of attributes developed and available in the ActCAD are ATTIN, ATTOUT, ATTINXL, ATTOUTXL,& ATTINC


The ATTOUT command allows you to export the block attribute data into a text file for easy modification. You can import back the modified attribute data into the file using ATTIN command.

When you start the ATTOUT command, you are prompted for a file name to save and to select the entities. The pre selection of command is also possible by selecting the entities first and then type the command ATTOUT to process. The attributes in the selected blocks will be written to the specified text file.

Each attributes in different blocks are exported into the text file with specified handle name and block name for easy identify of attributes.


Similarly you can export the block attribute data into the excel format using ATTOUTXL command which gives you a different options to export.

When you start the ATTOUTXL command, a dialog box will open as shown below:

The different options available for the block selection are:

The different options available for the block selection are:


The ATTIN command allows you to import the block attribute data from a modified text file or from a CSV file exported using ATTOUT command.

Every attribute (including blocks) have a unique Handle ID. No two attributes in an ActCAD drawing will have the same Handle ID, and the ID itself is designed to function as a unique identifier in the DWG database.

Based on the unique ID it is easy to identify the attributes easily for the modification of attributes.


Similarly like ATTIN command you can import the modified attribute data of an excel file using ATTINXL command.


ATTINC is a Numbered Mark Attributes where you can provide a marking in a specified location using attributes of a block

When you start the ATTINC command, a dialog box opens as shown below

Here you can select the block and the attribute from the drop down for the numbered markers to perform. Also there is an option available to select the number mark order and the format required along with prefix,start, & suffix values.

You can also select the blocks with other options like

You can also insert your own block created in the drawing with a specified scale using Insert Block option.


By using this features/commands we can reduce the time of editing each and every attribute in the block.

So we can easily say that ActCAD is more user-friendly and provides more flexibility to the user and more superior to other CAD software in many aspects and we can clearly visible from the above discussion.

It increases the turnover of industries and is proved as an asset to them. No matter if we talk about the cost, features, reliability everywhere ActCAD is leading.

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