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ActCAD Converter

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:19 pm
by Sai Ram
What is the use of "ActCAD Converter" in ActCAD Software?

Re: ActCAD Converter

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:42 am
by Sai Ram
ActCAD Converter is a new tool introduced to facilitate the files interchange with other DWG/DXF/DNG-based CAD software. Allows to easily convert drawings between different DWG, DXF, DGN versions. Several types of drawings can be converted to other file versions and formats. You can convert a batch of drawings in a folder or specify a single drawing to convert.

To convert a batch of drawings:

1 Do one of the following to choose ActCAD Converter:

• On the ribbon, choose the Application button then choose Drawing Utilities > ActCAD Converter, or choose Tools > ActCAD Converter (in Manage).

• On the menu, choose File > ActCAD Converter.

2 Choose Multiple files, then click Next.

3 Specify the input files by doing the following:

• Enter an input folder. Click [...] to browse to the location.

• To include files located in subfolders within the input folder, mark Process subfolders.

• Choose which files to include: .dwg, .dxf, and .dgn.

4 Click Next.

5 Review the list of files that are found, then click Next to proceed using all of the named files. You can also click Back to specify different files.

6 Enter an output folder. Click [...] to browse to the location.

7 Mark Convert, then select the output format and file version.

8 To audit and fix files during the conversion, mark Audit files and fix errors. You can also choose to save audit log files, which will also be saved in the output folder.

9 Select what to do, if while processing, files with the same name are found in the output folder:

• Replace existing — Replaces existing files with the new files. To make a backup copy of the existing file before it is overwritten, mark Create backup files (*.bak), and backup files will be created in the same output folder.

• Skip existing — Skips adding a new file if an existing file is found with the same name.

• Add suffix to output files — Adds the specified suffix to all new files created in the output folder.

10 If you are converting to a .dgn file, select any of the following:

• Master unit — Assigns the selected master unit to the output .dgn file.

• Sub unit — Assigns the selected sub unit to the output .dgn file.

• Bind external references when possible — Makes external references a permanent part of the .dgn file, similar to a block, if external references are found in the input drawing.

11 Click Next.

New files are generated based on your specifications.