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    IntelliCAD 4 Release By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

    IntelliCAD 4 was released on 3/14/2003.

    New Features:

    Multiple layouts

    In paper space, you can use multiple layouts for different paper sizes and settings.

    Unicode characters

    IntelliCAD now supports the Unicode character encoding standard, which enables you to display and write text in different languages using different letters.

    Enhanced block insertion

    Using IntelliCAD Explorer, you can insert blocks from any open drawing into another open drawing.

    New system variables

    New system variables include: DIMFRAC, DIMLUNIT, DIMATFIT, DIMLDRBLK, DIMTMOVE, and MTEXTED.

    Important Bug Fixes:

    IntelliCAD 4 includes various fixes, including the following: