Working with subsets

Sheet sets can contain various subsets, which help organize individual sheets into cat¬egories, similar to a folder name. For example, a sheet set might have subsets named Architectural, Civil, Electrical, and Structural. Subsets can also be nested, similar to folders.

To create a subset

1 In the Sheet Set Manager pane, right-click the sheet set or subset, then choose New Subset.

2 In Name, enter the name of the subset.

3 In Description, enter an optional description for the subset.

4 In Publish Sheets in Subset, choose one of the following:

5 In Prompt for Template, choose whether to prompt for a layout to use as a tem¬plate when adding new sheets to the subset.

6 Click OK.

7 Drag-and-drop existing sheets to the subset, or right-click the Subset and choose New Sheet to add new sheets.

To move a subset and its contents

To rename a subset or change its properties

1 In the Sheet Set Manager pane, right-click the desired subset, then choose Proper¬ties.

2 In Name, enter a new name for the subset.

3 Make additional selections. Click [?] for more details about each option.

4 Click OK.

Publishing a sheet set

You can publish sheet sets to a printer or plotter and to the following file formats: PDF, DWF, and DWFx.

Sheet sets are saved in .dst files and are managed and published using the Sheet Set Manager pane. Another way to publish drawings is using sheet lists which are saved in .dsd file and published using the Publish command.

To publish a sheet set or part of it

1 In the Sheet Set Manager pane, do one of the following depending on what you want to publish:

2 If you need to specify options for publishing, choose Publish, then one of the fol¬lowing:

3 If you specified publish options, right-click the item again.

4 Choose Publish, then choose one of the following:

To publish a sheet set via eTransmit

1 In the Sheet Set Manager pane, right-click one of the following:

2 Choose eTransmit.

3 Specify the desired options, then click OK.

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