IntelliCAD is a CAD editor and development platform with an Application Programming Interface API published by the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium ("ITC") through shared development

The ITC also develops integrations with third-party technologies, such as the "ODA Platform" from the Open Design Alliance[5][6] which it uses for working with “.dwg”, Building information modeling (BIM), and DGN data formats.

The last 5 Intellicad releases:

Intellicad 10.1:

IntelliCAD 10.1 is up to seven times faster when selecting entities and two times faster for grip editing, grip displaying, entity snapping, and drawing regenerating.

New features include the ability to insert and work with geographic maps, restore default program settings from the operating system Start menu, create and edit tables and table styles, create and edit sheet sets, insert dynamic blocks, import .pdf files with more advanced options, import point data from .csv and .txt files, and import map files (.shp, .sdf, .sqlite files). Also included is integration with 3Dconnexion input devices for streamlining the CAD drawing experience.

Intellicad 10.0:

IntelliCAD 10.0 is a major release that includes numerous new features. The OpenGL ES graphics device is now supported for enhanced display quality and performance, which also includes new visual styles. The redesigned View Manager has more options available and allows users to make selections dynamically for the view’s background, perspective, lens length, etc. New dynamic input incorporates command prompts and measurement guides at the cursor. Printing with .pc3 customization files is enhanced with the ability to set margins, page size, .pmp files, and settings that vary according to the output file type. New import file formats include .obj and .stl. IntelliCAD 10 also includes the ability to migrate user interface customizations from previous versions.

Intellicad 9.2:

IntelliCAD 9.2 is a native .dwg and .dxf CAD software program used for 2D drafting and 3D modeling, and it's packed with new 9.2 features such as publishing to .dwf/.dwfx, removing duplicate or overlapped entities using the Overkill command, support of right-to-left fonts, filtering selection sets using the new Selection Filter pane, and much more.

Intellicad 9.1:

One of the new major capabilities of IntelliCAD 9.1 is attaching digital signatures to .dwg files and validating them. Another is the new Block Editor that makes it easier to create and edit blocks. There is also a new type of selection grip for users working with schematic drawings where precise scale or sizing is not required.

Intellicad 9:

IntelliCAD 9.0 boosts performance in many areas, with the most noticeable increase in speed during file saves. View Mechanical entities, attach point cloud .rcp/.rcs files, and export to .pdf files using many more options than before. Draw construction lines. Draw and modify 3D meshes using the new Facet Modeler for lightweight 3D drawings. Add columns to multiline text.

You can find the previous versions of Intellicad releases on blog INTELLICAD HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENTS – STEADY GROWTH IN 2020


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