A table can be linked to data in a Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) file. You can link to an entire spreadsheet, individual row, column, cell, or cell range in Excel.

To setup Datalink:

1) Launch the Table command

2) Click “From a data link“, and launch the “Data Link Manager” by clicking the button provided

Datalink Manager:

Creates, edits, and manages data links.

List of Options

The following options are displayed.

Data Link Tree View

Displays links contained within the drawing. Also gives options for creating new data links.

Excel Links

Lists the Microsoft Excel data links within the drawing.

Create a New Excel Data Link

Launches a dialog box where you can enter the name for a new data link. Once a name has been created, the New Excel Data Link dialog box is displayed.


Lists information for the data link selected in the tree view above.


Displays a preview of the linked data as it would appear in the drawing table. When a data link is not currently selected then no preview is displayed.

Creation of new Datalink:

List of Options

The following options are displayed.


Provides the file and file path for which to create a data link.

Choose an Excel File

Click the [...] button to select Microsoft XLS,XLSX file to link to your drawing.

Path Type

Determines the path that will be used to find the file specified above. There are three path options: full path, relative path, and no path.

Link Options

Specifies the data in your Excel file to link to your drawing.

Select the Excel Sheet to Link to

It provides the names of all sheets within the specified XLS, XLSX file. The link options specified below are applied to the sheet you choose.

Link Entire Sheet

Links the entire specified sheet within your Excel file into a table in your drawing.

Link to a Named Range

Links a named range of cells already contained within your Excel file into a table in your drawing.

Clicking the arrow displays the available named ranges found in the linked spreadsheet.

Link to Range

Specifies a range of cells in your Excel file to link into a table in your drawing.

In the text box, enter the range of cells you want linked to your drawing. Valid ranges include

Click the button to the right of the text box to preview the linked range.

Preview Window

Displays a preview of your table using the options you have applied.


Update from source:

After modifying the excel file you can update the data in the software using this option.

It will display the entities with modified content in the software

Save to source:

It will save the changes made in the software into the Excel file

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